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Black Friday!!

Hello everyone!!! Hope everyone is enjoying this Thanksgiving week!! Just wanted to talk a little about Black Friday today!!! Mostly everyone loves Black Friday.... finding the best deals, mapping out a plan with friends, figuring out who is going to what store, and who is on car/snack duty!!! So I say all that to say.... Please be sure to do your research on these sales, deals, etc. some may look good but may not be good at all!!! Always have a plan. Always take someone with you or go in groups. Its 2019 and we know ppl are crazy and will be looking to take advantage of ppl this holiday. And lastly JUST BE SAFE AND HAVE FUN!!! We want you all to make it back to your families safely after shopping!! So GOOD LUCK and let the fun begin!!!! And don’t forget check out our website for our Black Friday Deals!!!!! All Kandles and Digital Files will be 15% off!!!!


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