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About Aisha+Elyse

We are excited to have you here with us checking out our new website!!! We just want to give you a little background about us!!! We are a mother daughter duo!! I started out making shirts for family reunions when I was in high school... boy was that a long time ago!!!! I would go to the store and buy printable transfer sheets and buy some ink for my printer and go to work!!! Of course I thought they turned out great but looking back...... I have come a loooooong!!! I didn’t realize how much money I was spending in supplies and I guarantee you I was not making it back!! So fast forward to 2014. I purchased a cutting machine and put my graphic design skills to work and started a small t shirt business!!! Business just kept growing and I added other things like, canvases, decals for tumblers, hats, socks.... the list goes on. Then I noticed my daughter sparked an interest in what I was doing and she kept asking to join me. She always wanted to help me make something. So I finally just asked her if there was something she wanted to do and call it her own. Well months later she came to me and said “mom I want to start a candle line”. That’s where the Duo began!!! We now have a t shirt business and a candle line!!! We thank you all for your support and we hope that you stick with us throughout this journey!! We work hard to make sure we provide the best products and customer service you could ask for!!!! So enjoy!!!

Thanks again- Aisha+Elyse

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